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Minimalist Journey


I have been inspired by YouTube’s Brittany Taylor and Alyse of Raw Alignment to simplify my life. So today I begin the journey to removing my unwanted items a little at the time. I enjoy the idea of handling this one day at a time and getting rid of only a few things at a time.

Anyone who knows me, knows I am the messiest person you will ever meet. I have a small (huge) shopping addiction and no system of organization. I have started removing the biggest mess first, my clothing.

My steps to cleaning out my closet:

1: do all of the laundry so I have everything clean and in front of my face.
2: Empty the drawers, closets, and hiding places (seriously my cleaning system is out of sight out of mind).
3: For every item I keep I have to get rid of 2 similar items.
4: If you don’t remember buying it or you don’t think you would buy it at a store today, GET RID OF IT!!!!
5: Donate/Sell anything in good shape and throw the rest in the garbage.

I’ll post updates later; wish me luck 🙂