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Parental Backlash


So today is the first time my mother has said anything about my new lifestyle. I figured her lack of chatter on the topic meant she was fine with it. I was very wrong.

She told me today, as I made myself a vegan burger and home fries for dinner, that this may not be the “diet” for me because it cuts out things I love… So far the only thing I loved that had to be cut out was cheese burgers. Not a very unhealthy choice for me.

The only thing she convinced me of today is that this is the right lifestyle for me and that my results and lack of complaint upsets her. She, like most of the world, doesn’t like what we represent, the informed minority.

Now more than ever I am committed to the vegan lifestyle. I will never be tempted to go back because she has voiced in the past that I don’t rebel against her enough…

Here it is mother, my rebellion


Minimalist Journey


I have been inspired by YouTube’s Brittany Taylor and Alyse of Raw Alignment to simplify my life. So today I begin the journey to removing my unwanted items a little at the time. I enjoy the idea of handling this one day at a time and getting rid of only a few things at a time.

Anyone who knows me, knows I am the messiest person you will ever meet. I have a small (huge) shopping addiction and no system of organization. I have started removing the biggest mess first, my clothing.

My steps to cleaning out my closet:

1: do all of the laundry so I have everything clean and in front of my face.
2: Empty the drawers, closets, and hiding places (seriously my cleaning system is out of sight out of mind).
3: For every item I keep I have to get rid of 2 similar items.
4: If you don’t remember buying it or you don’t think you would buy it at a store today, GET RID OF IT!!!!
5: Donate/Sell anything in good shape and throw the rest in the garbage.

I’ll post updates later; wish me luck 🙂