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Nor’eastern 2017


So today in Upstate NY we had a blizzard come through. If being stuck at home isn’t bad enough trap me in a house with my mom and step dad.

We all survived with the exception of a porcelain figurine or two.  This storm has led me to another day of downsizing. I have gone through all of my clothing and I have officially gotten down to a full closet and replacing my dresser with a cube storage unit from Walmart. I am in love with it.

I also moved my bedroom around and downsized the amount of space I take up. Instead of the whole in-law apartment I now only have the bedroom and half bath. The living room area has become a sort of office for my thirty-one gifts business but that’s only because I haven’t downsized the totes and office supplies yet.

This year is the first time I have stuck with  my New Year, New Me crap for more than a few weeks. I may have finally found attainable goals for once. As I sit here setting up an online, week long, 31 Facebook Party I see a few things I can get rid of.

And instead of asking if I’ll need these items in the next few decades I’m going to trust my gut and get rid of them. I am finally learning to trust my butterflies!


Thinking of Summer

Thinking of Summer

Today was a pretty nice day in upstate NY and all I can think about is how I can spend my whole summer just working and camping…

I spent the whole day researching camping gear and ideas for space saving for the trips. I stumbled on Van life. There are hundreds of people who chose to live in a vehicle to experience life in a different way. I wasn’t about to hop in my Jeep Patriot and start living on campgrounds… yet.

I now want to look into living on the road one step at a time. I want to spend all of Spring getting my self ready to spend two months camping out in my vehicle. It goes along with the minimalism idea to get rid of even more stuff and living as simply as humanly possible.

This challenge is going to force me to stop organizing my crap and start organizing my fun. I am challenging myself to be the very best I can be this year. I want my 2018 to be the year I don’t have to clean up my act, where I don’t complain about the mess around me and I finally freaking do something about it. Both the mess I have made of my health and the mess of my stuff. I want to be clean by 2018!

Confessions of a Borderline Hoarder


I’ve known for a while that I have too much stuff. My mother is very much a “place for everything” gal and I just never got that gene. As I have entered this journey of minimizing my belongings I have discovered just how bad my problem is.

Today I found a graded essay from the third grade… I am talking a book report from over 15 years ago! I decided right then and there this problem has to be controlled before I end up on a reality show arguing that I NEED those candy wrappers to survive. So today I began going through countless papers and old notebooks to start figuring out what is in them that meant so much to me.

I began to see a pattern. Everything I kept was something I worked hard on in my mind. It took time and effort to create these things and my previous self decided to keep them. I meditated on this for a moment to figure out what the root cause of my issue was.

In order to explain I have to take you back to a job I left a few months ago because we had an issue with my paid time off. They had paid me for hours that I didn’t take off and decided that it was good enough that I got paid for that time so they wouldn’t give it back… I remember how strongly I felt about losing a few days of vacation/sick time and it dawned on me.

I refuse to give up MY time.

I enjoy working, I love having something to do and people to help, but don’t ever take time away from me.

So my current journey into a minimalist lifestyle is going to be a really reflective time. I hope to use this time to see if I am able to give up my past and focus on my present.  What are your goals for this year?



Minimalist Journey


I have been inspired by YouTube’s Brittany Taylor and Alyse of Raw Alignment to simplify my life. So today I begin the journey to removing my unwanted items a little at the time. I enjoy the idea of handling this one day at a time and getting rid of only a few things at a time.

Anyone who knows me, knows I am the messiest person you will ever meet. I have a small (huge) shopping addiction and no system of organization. I have started removing the biggest mess first, my clothing.

My steps to cleaning out my closet:

1: do all of the laundry so I have everything clean and in front of my face.
2: Empty the drawers, closets, and hiding places (seriously my cleaning system is out of sight out of mind).
3: For every item I keep I have to get rid of 2 similar items.
4: If you don’t remember buying it or you don’t think you would buy it at a store today, GET RID OF IT!!!!
5: Donate/Sell anything in good shape and throw the rest in the garbage.

I’ll post updates later; wish me luck 🙂