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Nor’eastern 2017


So today in Upstate NY we had a blizzard come through. If being stuck at home isn’t bad enough trap me in a house with my mom and step dad.

We all survived with the exception of a porcelain figurine or two.  This storm has led me to another day of downsizing. I have gone through all of my clothing and I have officially gotten down to a full closet and replacing my dresser with a cube storage unit from Walmart. I am in love with it.

I also moved my bedroom around and downsized the amount of space I take up. Instead of the whole in-law apartment I now only have the bedroom and half bath. The living room area has become a sort of office for my thirty-one gifts business but that’s only because I haven’t downsized the totes and office supplies yet.

This year is the first time I have stuck with  my New Year, New Me crap for more than a few weeks. I may have finally found attainable goals for once. As I sit here setting up an online, week long, 31 Facebook Party I see a few things I can get rid of.

And instead of asking if I’ll need these items in the next few decades I’m going to trust my gut and get rid of them. I am finally learning to trust my butterflies!


My thoughts on a Day without women


I am all about celebrating everything women do for us everyday but this protest seemed a bit ridiculous. As I women I don’t see too much going down in the way of oppression of y rights. I feel as free as always.

Where was this fight when Obama was in office. He gave us a lot but we still had a long way to go. A few people take office talking crap about taking away our right but the same talk was here when Bush was president, what changed? Is the issue just that you don’t like President Trump?

Is it that we now live in a very butt hurt time that doesn’t know any other way to express our emotions other than to draw signs and scream? Is there any other way?!?!?!?!

what happened to true involvement? If you had a view point start a cause, work local and go from there… Just a thought.


Parental Backlash


So today is the first time my mother has said anything about my new lifestyle. I figured her lack of chatter on the topic meant she was fine with it. I was very wrong.

She told me today, as I made myself a vegan burger and home fries for dinner, that this may not be the “diet” for me because it cuts out things I love… So far the only thing I loved that had to be cut out was cheese burgers. Not a very unhealthy choice for me.

The only thing she convinced me of today is that this is the right lifestyle for me and that my results and lack of complaint upsets her. She, like most of the world, doesn’t like what we represent, the informed minority.

Now more than ever I am committed to the vegan lifestyle. I will never be tempted to go back because she has voiced in the past that I don’t rebel against her enough…

Here it is mother, my rebellion



So today I bought a juicer and immediately pretended to know what I was doing…

So in went some Kale, because there’s no way I’m actually eating it I may as well try juicing it… Not so bueno

Then I mixed in some cucumber and carrot and celery (which is surprisingly salty)… It had to be the most disgusting thing I had ever tried lol.

So after making myself a liquid salad and going to the bathroom a lot, I started to look up actual juicing recipes so I can do a juice cleanse that maybe doesn’t taste like grass.

Now my menu board on pintrest is filling up with vegan ideas and juice recipes. Cheers!!!

If anyone knows of any delicious juices recipes or can lead me to a good blog about it let me know in the comments below!