Confessions of a Borderline Hoarder


I’ve known for a while that I have too much stuff. My mother is very much a “place for everything” gal and I just never got that gene. As I have entered this journey of minimizing my belongings I have discovered just how bad my problem is.

Today I found a graded essay from the third grade… I am talking a book report from over 15 years ago! I decided right then and there this problem has to be controlled before I end up on a reality show arguing that I NEED those candy wrappers to survive. So today I began going through countless papers and old notebooks to start figuring out what is in them that meant so much to me.

I began to see a pattern. Everything I kept was something I worked hard on in my mind. It took time and effort to create these things and my previous self decided to keep them. I meditated on this for a moment to figure out what the root cause of my issue was.

In order to explain I have to take you back to a job I left a few months ago because we had an issue with my paid time off. They had paid me for hours that I didn’t take off and decided that it was good enough that I got paid for that time so they wouldn’t give it back… I remember how strongly I felt about losing a few days of vacation/sick time and it dawned on me.

I refuse to give up MY time.

I enjoy working, I love having something to do and people to help, but don’t ever take time away from me.

So my current journey into a minimalist lifestyle is going to be a really reflective time. I hope to use this time to see if I am able to give up my past and focus on my present.  What are your goals for this year?




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